Micro:Data Vault and Data Mesh

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Multiple Instructors bring their talents and skills in discussing how Data Mesh and Data Vault work together to solve real-world business problems, and how Data Vault is the methodology needed to implement Data Mesh successfully.   2.5 hours of video content from world-renowned speakers!

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Course Agenda

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Multiple Speakers: Paul Rankin, Jennifer Stirrup, Wayne Eckerson

Paul Rankin:

Paul Rankin from Roche kicks it off with a real-case study around their journey into Data Mesh, he describes why and how their teams come together. He also makes the claim that Data Vault is the only methodology that allows them to implement Data Mesh successfully.

Jennifer Stirrup:

Stirrup’s keynote addresses are based on her two decades plus years of global experience and dedication to providing data strategy and business-focused solutions. In her address, Stirrup speaks on Data Mesh and Data Fabric, parsing out these terms and exploring them as they relate to Data Vaults, as well as the possibility of employing Data VaultA System of Business Intelligence containing the necessary c More modeling to solve real-life business challenges and deliver AI solutions. She also discusses whether Data Fabric and Data Mesh are simply fashionable terms, or whether they can be part of the overall weave of solving AI-focused business challenges.

Wayne Eckerson:

Wayne Eckerson brings industry trends around Data Mesh and how it’s evolving. Particularly around Data Architecture as a Service. Very interesting insights for any business to engage with. Data architecture-as-a-service or DaaS is a new self-service paradigm that empowers local data owners to create architecturally compliant data repositories, domains, and pipelines without IT assistance. It is the culmination of self-service, where business units liberate themselves almost entirely from enterprise IT. If done right, DaaS reduces data bottlenecks, eases the burden on enterprise data teams, and empowers local domains to service their own data needs. It’s also a key ingredient in the data mesh, an emerging distributed architecture for data ownership and management.

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