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DV101 Baseline Hands-On

$349, 6 months

Welcome to the world-class hands-on course for Data Vault.  This course walks you from start to finish, from the source system model through the staging elements, to the raw vault, business vault and information mart delivery.  100% hands-on, 100% self-paced.  Over 4+ Hours of Training from Dan Linstedt, this is a $1500 value!   

See the description below, it contains important information about Pre-Requisites, and SQL compliance, and downloads.

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This course is meant to be a companion coursethis course teaches HOW-TO build, it does not cover: why Data Vault, nor does it teach about the different types of objects in the DV Modeling paradigm.  This course is a companion to: CDVP2 class, OR the book: Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0, or for an individual with at least a basic knowledge of what Data Vault is.

ANSI-SQL Compliance:

All SQL is 98% ANSI-SQL compliant.  There are a few differences that are pointed out in the videos, and at the end of the course we provide some conversion hints for specific MERGE vs UPSERT views.

Supported Databases:

  • PostGreSQL v12.9 (or newer)
  • Snowflake

We include the downloads with the course, ** SQL files ** that you can see and run the code.   All DDL (models) are provided in text files, so you can create the tables and schemas in the right place.   See the description below for more information.

Video Lesson Agenda:

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