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Wordfence or Sucuri Block

Wordfence Temporary Block

Temporary blocks are just that, temporary.  They will be released after several hours and you can try again.   You may have received a temporary block due to any of the following reasons:

  • You attempted to reset your password too many times
  • Your VPN (work VPN) configuration is blocking JavaScript and / or Cookies
  • Your work VPN is hiding browser details (empty browser details typically indicate bots and hackers to the security firewalls, which results in a block or ban)
  • Your browsing our site incognito (which usually is not an issue, unless again your browser security settings are hiding browser details or blocking javascript and / or cookies from our site)
  • You did not agree to the privacy policy or the cookie policies
  • You’ve setup extremely high security settings on your own computer, and have not white-listed our domain: *.datavaultalliance.com
  • Your companies’ firewall has been breached and marked for spam / hack attempts in the worlds’ blacklists
  • Your computer is compromised and your machine has a virus or a backdoor trojan installed in the webbrowser.

IF it’s due to an attempt to reset your password ONE time, and you still see a wordfence block, then please contact us and send us a screenshot.  Also, please tell us ALL of the steps you took that got you to that point.  Wordfence Temporary Blocks are something we may be able to clear for you.

Blacklisted IP

IF you experience a BlackListed IP address from Sucuri or Wordfence on our site:
There is nothing we can do when an IP address is blacklisted.
To learn and understand a blacklisted IP and the options, run the following search on Google (something your IT team can talk with you about, and something they can assist you with going forward).    When a customer sends you a screenshot of Sucuri or Wordfence, the screenshot will indicate if it’s a temporary ban or a black-list ban.
When you receive a message that your IP is blacklisted by Security firewalls, you must take steps to work through it.  Unfortunately due to security and privacy concerns, we cannot contact security companies on your behalf to work through it.
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