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Video Access / Course Access

Videos are played back by VIMEOCDN.com and VIMEO.com

It is possible that your VPN or company network / firewalls do not allow (haven’t white-listed) these domains.  If this is the case, you will not be able to see or access the video lesson content provided by Vimeo through our platform.   There are several things you can try (as it may also be a caching or cookie issue):

  1. Clear your webbrowser cache, shut down ALL tabs / windows of your webbrowser (shut the entire application down), then restart it and log back in
  2. Clear your temporary cache, log out, and restart your webbrowser app
  3. Clear your cookies, log out and restart your web-browser app
  4. Reboot your machine after clearing your webbrowser cache
  5. Shut down your VPN to watch the videos
  6. Temporarily disable your company Firewall software
  7. Use a home-machine (not a company machine) to watch the videos
  8. Ask your company to white-list VIMEOCDN.com and VIMEO.COM domains  (which they may or may not do)

If you have ideas that have worked for you that are not on this list, feel free to submit them to us.  We’d love to keep the list updated.  Thanks!

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