The Welcome Email

This article shows the welcome email that our system sends out when you create a new account with us.

NOTE: this email may change from time to time.


Dear {user name},

Thank you for subscribing to DataVaultAlliance, Please save this e-mail, in case you need this information in future.

Additional notes:
* Keep your Email address and profile updated.

You may always edit your email address, even if your account or product access expires.
1) log in using your OLD email address first,
2) then change your email address
3) THEN re-order access to a particular product

Please try not to create multiple accounts.

If you have forgotten your email that you used in the past, please use the CONTACT US form to let us know, we’ll happily change your email, and send you a reset password.

Thank you!
DataVaultAlliance Team
Dan, Sanjay, April, and Cindi

Your login credentials are:


Username: {your-user-name}

Your password has been automatically generated: {user_pass}

You can access your account area to view your orders and change your password here:

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