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How to Reset Your Password

Sometimes you want to reset your password, we hope we cover your needs for password reset here.  If not, please let us know through the contact us form.

What if my email has changed? and I no longer have access to the old email address?

If you need to reset your password, but feel caught because the account on our platform has your old email attached to it, please read our instructions here:  Changing Your Email Address (before attempting Password Reset)

Logged Out Users:
  1. Go to our Login form
  2. Click “Forgot Your Password?” link
  3. Enter your existing email address ** this must match the current account email we have on-file **
  4. Click: Password Reset

You should receive an email from: domain, within 10 minutes.   Note: If you are on GMAIL (google mail) and you are “pulling” emails from other accounts, the refresh rate is approximately 15 minutes.   Once you receive the email, click the link and follow the instructions.

Can I get Locked Out?

Yes, if you reset your password too many times (more than 3 times in a row), you can lock your account for 2 hours.  If this happens, please wait 2 hours, then try again.

Logged In Users:
  1. Go to: My Account Menu
  2. Click “My Account” at the TOP of the menu
  3. Click “Edit Account”
  4. Scroll down to: Password * section
  5. Enter your new password
  6. Confirm your new password
  7. Click “UPDATE” at the bottom of the page

Congratulations! Your password has been reset.  There is nothing more to do.

What if I don’t receive a Password Reset Email?

If you don’t receive a password reset email, then please READ THIS: NOT RECEIVING EMAILS

What if I can’t log in anymore?

If the login page says your account does not exist, please CONTACT US for more information before proceeding.

What if I can’t remember my old email address?

Please use the CONTACT US form here on the site to tell us a bit about yourself.  We will try to locate the account you have with us and let you know what your email is, and if you have an account on our system.

What if I still have an issue?

Please use the CONTACT US form here on the site, and let us know how we can help further.  However, please don’t contact us until after trying to resolve the issues following the steps above.

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