Renewing Access to Products

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Renewing Access to Products

Renewing Access to Products

We currently do not offer the ability to renew accounts or access to products. That said,  some products may offer the chance to re-purchase,  some products will not offer this.  If the product offers re-purchase then you will see the re-purchase button along side the order (when drilling in to the order itself on your shop account).

Can I see my current subscriptions / product access?

Yes.  Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click My Shop Account menu item
  4. Click My Subscriptions (tab) on the left side of the screen
  5. Click EACH subscription (either by number – or by clicking VIEW)

The resulting subscription screen will provide you with complete details about status, start-date, last-order-date, end-date / expiration date, and all the other details for the subscription itself.

What if I receive an error during checkout?

Please copy the error text, and use the CONTACT US form to tell us what the error was, and describe what you were attempting to re-order.

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