Not Receiving Emails

Not Receiving Email from DVA?

If you, or your group members aren’t receiving email, then please take the following steps:

  1. Check your SPAM folder – it may have ended up there.
  2. Check your TRASH folder – it may have automatically ended up there.
  3. If it’s not in your SPAM folder, and you’re using personal email / non-company email address, then check with your email provider – or go to your “email management settings” and white-list the email domain:
  4. If it’s not in your SPAM folder, AND you are using a corporate email, speak with your email server System Administrators.  Ask them to: check their trash folders / spam catchers, AND ask them to white-list the email domain:

If you cannot get your company or your email host provider to whitelist the domain, then you will *not* receive any emails from  This will include: any future password reset email, account notifications, expiration’s, notifications about replies to your topic, forum / topic subscriptions and so on.  If you are not receiving any emails, chances are – everyone you try to invite to your group (if you manage one) will also NOT receive any emails.

I never Received my Welcome Email / Login Details, what should I do?

Unfortunately, if you never received your welcome email or login details, and they are not in your SPAM or TRASH folder, then chances are very good that our emails are already blocked by your corporate email server / company’s email server.  In this case, you will not receive any emails from us until you resolve the issue with your company’s email system administrator.   There is (sadly) nothing more we can do to assist you.  Again, you need to ask your company to white-list the domain:

What Emails will you NOT see?

Without white-listing our domain, you will miss ALL of the following emails (and a few more)

  • Welcome Email / account creation details including username and password.
  • Password Reset emails & instructions
  • Product Expiration emails
  • Special deals, offers, discount coupon notices
  • Newsletters
  • Announcements
  • Early Bird registration specials
  • and quite a few more.


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