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Managing Your Credentials

About Your Credentials

We are happy to integrate digital credentials with your account. We have signed up for https://Accredible.com – digital credentialing services.  Today, the credentials we will put on Accredible are:

  • CDVP2 (Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner)  Certificate AND Badge!!  the Badges are NEW

How do I Log In to Accredible.com?

There are very specific instructions for you to log in to Accredible.com:

How Accredible.com describe themselves:
Our digital certificates and badges enable organizations to award their students with proof of skill, individuals to prove their credibility, and for employers to identify the ideal job candidate.  https://www.accredible.com/about
What does this mean to you?
  • Certificate Validation (for everyone that wishes to do so)
  • Certificate Sharing (on your social media)
  • New! CDVP2 Badge Icon (for sharing on your social media)
Do I need an account on DataVaultAlliance.com to have my certificate on Accredible?
No.  However, to tell us about your certificate (if you don’t have one housed with us yet), you will have to fill in this form:  https://learn.datavaultalliance.com/forms/cdvp2-accredible-certificate-request/
What if the email I had for my CDVP2 exam doesn’t match my desired Accredible.com Email today?

You cannot change your Accredible Email that we assign.  You will need to use the Wallet Feature (linking feature) on Accreible.com to link your certificate to your new email addresses.  Click HERE for more information.

Your Accredible Email (only found in your Account) is set every time you receive a certification from DataVaultAlliance.com.  It is automatically updated to your current email address.  We understand your email addresses change over time, which is why we encourage you to setup a wallet with linked certifications on Accredible itself.

Does my Accredible email have to match the email address on DVA?
Short answer is No.  None of the email addresses are required to match, however you may receive additional benefits by having them match (at least in the beginning).  We recommend:
Your DVA email
should match your WWDVC email (registration)
should match your Accredible Email
Will my Accredible.com email continue to match my account going forward?
Your accredible.com email will not “match” in the future, especially if you change your job, and then – change your DVA email or your WWDVC registration email.  Credentials assigned on Accredible.com are assigned to ONE email address, and always associated with that email address going forward.
Please use the Accredible Wallet / Linking feature as discussed earlier: Click HERE for more information.
You may link multiple credentials with multiple emails that are on Accredible.com – within your own Accredible.com account – please note: this is not something we are allowed to do, this is something YOU have to do in your own account on Accredible.com.   See their help article HERE: https://help.accredible.com/should-i-link-an-email-address-in-my-credential-wallet
Where do I get my certificate when I pass the CDVP2 exam?

As of: 18 JULY 2021, you are granted a CDVP2 certificate automatically, and it will be housed on Accredible.com going forward.

My certificate is stored currently on DVA in my profile, do I need to move it myself?

No, once you follow the steps above to create an account on Accredible.com, we will automatically grant you a copy of the certificate on Accredible.com

NOTE: at the end of December 2021, we will be “deleting” all stored certificates from inside the DataVaultAlliance.com profiles.

Is there any cost for this? Will I be charged?

No.  No additional fees are charged by either DVA (us) or Accredible.  It’s FREE to you, to have a digital credential account on Accredible.com and we (DVA) provide this service for you at no extra charge.

What if I received my CDVP2 certificate before 2017?

If you send us a request, and upload a copy of your certificate that we can verify with our database, we will add you to the Accredible.com website.  To send us a request fill in this form: https://learn.datavaultalliance.com/forms/cdvp2-accredible-certificate-request/

How do I Correct or Change name on the Certificate?

According to Accredible.com support here are the instructions: Your credential wallet was opened using the name of the first credential issued to you. When the name on the credential is updated, this does not automatically affect the credential wallet name. To update the credential wallet name you must:

  1. Log in to their credential wallet at www.credential.net.
  2. Click on the name in the top right-hand corner of the wallet.
  3. From the drop-down menu that appears, click ‘Settings.’
  4. Under the ‘Profile’ section, update the ‘Name’ field to the correct name.
  5. Click ‘Save.’

NOTE: Make sure you’ve setup your password after following the LOGIN Instructions: https://help.accredible.com/logging-in-to-accredible-as-a-recipient

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