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Notes About Group / Team Size:

In the upper right corner of the page (just under the cog wheel icon), you can see: Users Registration Left : ##

This indicates how many “seats” or users you can add to the group.  If you want a larger group, you will need to purchase a new group separate from this one, and manage it separately.  To “reduce overall group size” you will have to wait for the subscription to expire.  Then purchase a smaller group.

Notes about Bulk Upload: The bulk upload process will upload until max number of registrations is reached.  If the max number of registrations is exceeded, an error will be shown, and bulk-upload will quit without importing anything.


Doing so will have the following impacts:
a) it will send the same email multiple times (1 for removed from group, 1 for re-invited to group),    b) most importantly – the receiving email server (upon seeing the SAME email multiple times within minutes) WILL block our domain and mark our domain as SPAM. 

Then, you will have no choice but to speak with your recipients’ email-server System Administrator to get us manually unblocked and white-listed.  IF you are experiencing issues, please contact us immediately and let us know what you are experiencing.

NOTE: there is an FAQ at the below this article.

Manage Your Group / Team:

You can: add team members, remove team members, and bulk-upload CSV of team members.

  1. Go to My Account menu
  2. Click “Manage Groups” menu item
  3. Select your group name from the drop down on the left
Enroll Users:
  1. Click Enroll New User (blue link at the top of the gray box)
  2. Add one user at a time
  3. Click “+” button on right of row to add new row
  4. OR: Click UPLOAD USERS (to bulk upload CSV)
Bulk-Upload CSV of Users to Enroll:
  1. Click the “download icon” next to: “Download sample csv”
  2. Open the Excel spreadsheet from your DOWNLOADS section
  3. delete the sample rows, Leave the header row in place
  4. Add each user to the CSV: first, last (surname), email
  5. Save the CSV
  6. Click Choose File button
  7. Select your CSV file
  8. and Upload
NOTE: Uploading users takes time.  IT HAS NOT FROZEN!!

You will see the progress bar increase about every 10 to 20 seconds.  LEAVE the progress bar dialog running. DO NOT leave the page, DO NOT “go back in the browser” DO NOT close the bulk upload diagram.  Maximum Group size it was tested with was: 2000 users.  It took 45 minutes to bulk upload 2000 users to a single group.  For a group of 20, it takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

Remove a User:
  1. Click the Enrolled Users TAB
  2. Click “Remove” text on the right of the row for the user you want to remove.
  3. BE WARE!!  there is no chance to UNDO (well, you can re-add the user in Enroll New User again)
  4. You may “also” BULK remove – click the checkboxes for the users you want to remove, and click bulk remove button.
Renaming your Group:
  1. Click the COG wheel near the top right corner of the page (just above the text: Users Registration Left)
  2. Edit the name of the group in the expanded group naming section.
Getting a user Report:

The User Report (REPORT) tab/text link at the top of the user list shows the progress of each member in the group for a specific course, if they are enrolled in a course.  NOTE: ALL Groups are automatically setup for the How To:Welcome to the DVA platform course.

Renewing Your Group / Team:
  1. Click My Account menu
  2. Click My Shop Account menu item
  3. Click My Subscriptions
  4. Click RENEW Subscription
Group Subscription Expiration:

Note: the subscription will expire at the designated time.  You will receive emails about upcoming expiration of your group subscription. To renew, you must log in first.   No – you cannot renew a FREE gifted group as there was no original transaction or amount charged.

When Are Emails Sent?

You receive purchase emails for your purchase of your group.  These purchase emails are in-fact your receipts.  Please keep them for future reference.  Emails are sent under the following conditions:

  1. To the group owner / purchaser when the group is purchased / setup
  2. To the group owner / purchaser before the group will expire (a chance to renew at that point)
  3. To the group member – upon being enrolled / added to the group
  4. To the group member – upon removal from the group
  5. IF the member is a NEW account when enrolled / added – a new account email is sent to the member added to the group.
About Course Listings in the Group:

The course listed is: How To: Welcome to the DVA platform.  All groups are assigned this course, this particular course shows how to navigate and use the platform properly.  If however, you purchased a course bundle, or a different course as a group, then you will see those course(s) listed as well.

Can I GIFT a group purchase to someone?

Not yet.  This is something we are considering, but haven’t yet gotten it worked out.

Group members who were invited, said they never received the welcome email. What do I do?

Check our instructions HERE: Not Receiving Emails

You need to get the corporate firewall fixed to allow emails from: to pass through to the member in your group / team.

Can I have multiple groups named the same?

Yes.  It will not cause a conflict on the back-end, however it will make it difficult for you to uniquely identify your groups.  We recommend following a business key (unique meaningful text key) naming convention.

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