Group Invite Email

This is the email that is sent when Group Leaders / Team Leaders invite members to their group.  This email is ONLY sent if the user already has a login, and has been re-invited, or has been invited for the first time to participate in the group.

SUBJECT: DataVaultAlliance Course Enrollment and Group Invite

Hello {user_first_name} {user_last_name},

We are happy to invite you to a group.  Groups allow you access to courses, specific downloads (where appropriate), and many other specific benefits within the DataVaultAlliance community.

Group Leader: {group_leader_name} has invited you to join the group:


You will now have access to the following e-learning courses:


Even if you already have a login, you MUST click the link below to accept the group invitation, and receive all the benefits of the group.  THEN, log out, and log back in to receive the additional privileges.

Click the Link Below to log in and accept the group invite:


Thank you so much for being a valuable member of the DataVaultAlliance community!  We look forward to seeing you on the forums!

Thank you kindly,
Dan Linstedt, Sanjay Pande, Cindi Meyersohn, April Aulick
The DVA Management Team

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