Finding My Courses

Accessing Your Courses

This article discusses how to access your on-line courses, conference materials, or self-paced e-learning.

You can access your courses by:

  1. Clicking the menu My Account
  2. clicking the menu item: My Courses

That will bring up a web-page with your courses listed.

Can’t find the class or content you just purchased or were enrolled in?

No worries – remember there are several layers of caching between you and our servers (in order to keep the website fast).  Take the following steps to trouble shoot:

  1. Clear your web-browsers’ cache of ALL files
  2. Close your web-browser application (not JUST the tab itself, but the entire app)
  3. Restart your web-browser app
  4. Log back in
  5. You should now see the course(s) you purchased or were granted access to.

If this did not work, then please use the CONTACT US form here on the site, let us know what the issue is and we’ll take it from there.  Please tell us WHICH courses you should have access to.

I used to have access to my courses, now it says I’m not enrolled, what happened?

Either you forgot to log back in (you must always be logged in to access your course content) OR your access to the course itself expired.

Remember: Expiration to course content expires at different rates than your membership subscription.

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