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Changing Email Address

Changing Your Email Address

You might need to change your email address, due to job change, or simply because you wish to do so.  This article covers the steps to take to change your email.

You can change your email even if your course-access subscription has expired.

Your Email is stored in 2 places:

  • My Account
  • My Account -> Billing Address
What if my email is my old work email and I can’t remember my password?

If your password reset email will go to your old email address and you no longer have access to that email, follow the instructions below for an email reset.

  1. Contact Us, and fill in the subject: Please change my email address.
  2. NOTE: We will ask you to VERIFY that you own the new email address before we will make the change.
Follow the steps below to CHANGE your email:
  1. Log in using your old email address
  2. Navigate to: My Account
  3. Click Edit Account
  4. Update your CONTACT email address
  5. Scroll down and update the Billing Email Address (if needed)
  6. Click Update (Bottom of My Account Edit) screen
Important!!  Please Update your BILLING email

Updating your Billing Email is just as important, so that if you want to renew your account you receive proper billing emails going forward.  If you have an active subscription – so that you receive “about to expire” email notices as well.

  1. Navigate to: My Account
  2. Click Edit Account
  3. Scroll down to Billing Email Address
  4. Change Billing Email
  5. Click : Update
IF you have a Shipping Address:

Why do we collect shipping address?  We like to send out gifts from time to time, and sometimes we physically mail products to you.  A shipping address may be different from your billing address depending on where you want us to ship to.

  1. Navigate to: My Account
  2. Click Edit Account
  3. Scroll down to the Shipping Address
  4. Update the Shipping Email
  5. Click : Update
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