Account Privileges

What are my account privileges?

We have two modes for your account:

  • Logged in
  • Logged Out (GUEST or Web-Visitor or Logged Out member)
What does Logged  In Mean?

Being logged-in provides the following privileges:

  • Access to your courses (before course access expires)
  • Access to news and announcements
  • Access to special discounts for new materials
  • Access to downloads within courses (before course access expires)
  • Access to your account information
What does Logged-Out (Guest) mean?

Read-only is known as: Viewer or Guest.   Guest privileges are similar to viewer with a few exceptions as noted below:

  • Access to blog entries
  • Access to the E-Store
  • Access to the Knowledge Base
Things you cannot do as a viewer or guest:
  • cannot purchase certain courses
  • cannot use specialized coupon codes in checkout
  • cannot see updates reserved for members / students
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