Vendor Tool Certification Program

Speaker: Dan Linstedt

We will be offering the announcement of our brand new early adopter program:

We will be introducing our brand new Vendor Tool Certification Program, discussing the ins and outs of getting a tool certified.  We welcome all participants and all vendors to this session.  Come hear what is necessary to getting a tool certified.  We are happy to launch this initiative and share what our upcoming requirements will be.

The three areas of engagement are:

  • Consulting
    work for hire, simple statement of work.  You can hire DVA or one of our resources to meet with your team for a white-board or working session.  Resulting in verbal feedback for enhancements, suggestions for improvements for your tool OR your consulting company.  Remember, we can help your consulting company position, sell, and market Data Vault properly as well.  There are restrictions around leveraging this engagement type which will be discussed during this presentation.
  • Tool Certification
    This is the alpha program strictly for tool / software vendors.  We will describe this, define this, and provide a hand-out that details what’s in this area of engagement and how it works.  Any vendor in the market world-wide may apply to participate, and yes, there will be yearly fees and renewals to keeping the certification status active.
  • Joint Marketing, and Lead Sharing
    This program will encompass multiple levels of marketing statements, as well as allow you to directly interact with community members.  The benefit here is: community members are already using data vault, as it is a paid community – you would receive warm leads.   If the API or lead-sharing components are selected, we can extend our platform to send you leads (IF they opt-in by the community members), and even connect directly to your API or your CRM or both through automated B2B integration.
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