Is your Data Vault speaking your language?

Speaker: Keith Belanger

Is your Data Vault speaking your language?

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When starting your data vault initiative, you do not want to just jump in and just start building Hubs, Links & Satellites. You need to take that top-down approach and work with your business SME’s or stewards and define the business ontology and create a business taxonomy.

No, I am not going to turn this into and in-depth dragged-out discussion on what an ontology is vs a taxonomy. But most importantly you need that enterprise-wide perspective of your business from a data perspective. Taking the time to do this exercise will give your data vault the context in a language the business can relate to and understand. Taking the time to do this exercise will affectively help you identify business keys, relationships, descriptive and changing data.

Now you do not need to place your Data Vault implementation on hold until you have done this model for your entire enterprise. But identify your core subject areas or domains and work your way through them in alignment with your business needs and roadmap of what sources of data you will be looking acquire.

What you will learn:

  • Importance of understanding your business Taxonomy
  • Taking a Top Down and not a Bottom Up Approach to you Data Vault Data Model.

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