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Welcome to WWDVC 2017
We hold this conference yearly, in 2017 we had over 101 attendees,  25 presentations including 4 deep dive hands on sessions.  Our presenters talked about business successes, breaking down barriers with management, how to build real-time environments and more!! If you’ve never gotten to attend, then now is your chance to find out what it is all about! Note: we no longer provide the hands-on videos, as technology and vendor releases have moved forward.

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Conference Sessions

Speaker: Dan Linstedt

Brainstorming session where we talk about Data Vault among all the conference attendees. Some of the questions that we address include:

  • Co-existence of Big Data and RDBMS, using a DV in a Big Data Stack
  • Implementing Managed Self Service BI
  • EU Portability, visibility, masking, roles and security
  • Data Democracy / Discovery
  • Agile Data Modeling for DV
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Quality in a Mart Context
  • and quite a few more topics!
Keynote Speaker: Tamara Dull

Tamara provides insight in to Big Data, what it means and where Data Warehousing plays a role. Tamara was the originator of the Data Lake Definition that we all refer to today. She is also considered one of the top 3 Big Data Thought Leaders in the world.

Speaker: Cindi Meyersohn

Come hear this exciting talk about Data Vault in the Department of Defense.  She shares the unique journey, challenges within the Dept of Defense (DoD): Various agencies within the DoD have long recognized the need to better manage and utilize Enterprise Data.  First time ever that we've heard from behind the wall.

Among those challenges include: How to Value ALL data as an asset.

Speaker: Steven Mallare

Executive from Pepper Financial in Australia, shares his story with Data Vault, and the huge success they've had implementing and automating Data Vault 2.0 in their environment.   This is one of the worlds top financial success stories around Data Vault 2.0 today.

Speaker: Tevje Olin

He has been a long time Data Vault consultant in Finland. He brings a huge story about how to implement Data Vault 2.0 faster and better with the automation tool he has built. In 2018 it made huge headway (and we are hoping to get a new recording of the software soon!). However, this demonstrates the power and ease by which a metadata driven / automation and generation tool can build Enterprise Data Warehousing Solutions.

Speakers: Michael Magalsky, Chris Sundstrom

Mike and Chris were instrumental in getting Data Vault in place at Micron, one of the worlds LARGEST computer memory chip manufactures. With 3.6 Trillion records per day loading to DV2 on Teradata, this is a story not to be missed!  These volumes are spread across more than 150 Data Vault structures, and data arrives from over 10+ world wide manufacturing facilities.  This presentation alone proves the value of Data Vault in a large dynamic enterprise.

Speaker: Dale Anderson

Enjoy this demonstration of how Talend meets the needs of Data Vault Customers. Learn about the investment that Talend is planning in Big Data areas, as well as growth in automation and more.

Speaker: Michael Olschimke

Come hear Michael talk about using Data Mining Techniques in Data Vault 2.0.  Where and how they apply, how to get started, and why the Data Vault is such a valuable resource for starting your AI / ML journey.

Scott Ambler talks about Disciplined Agile Delivery in a Data Vault world.

Speaker: Kent Graziano

Listen while Kent introduces agile methods and how they affect Data Vault projects.

Speaker: Nols Ebersohn

Hear about about best practices around Data Vault and what it takes to make your implementation successful.

Speaker: Sanjay Pande

Sanjay Pande introduces Hadoop and discusses how to build a Data Vault on the Hadoop platform.

Speaker: John Giles

John brings a unique business perspective to the Data Vault landscape, and discusses business process quality, and shares a few case studies of Data Vaults he personally built along the way.

Speaker: Dan Linstedt

Friday, I kicked off the event by talking about some of the lessons learned during the conference. I think you'll find this a bit entertaining!

I'm actually in my Hawaiian Shirt!! the crazy shirt day is Friday.

Speaker: Robert Scott

Talks about Data Vault 2.0, Automation, AnalytixDS at Yale University. An incredible presentation showcasing the value of automation in the data warehousing arena.

All about "Do More With Less"

Speaker: Dan Linstedt
I close out the conference, with discussions about 2017, and looking forward to 2018.

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