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Welcome to WWDVC 2016 – World Wide Data Vault Consortium

We hold this conference yearly, in 2016 we had over 65 attendees,  20 presentations including 2 deep dive hands on sessions.  Unfortunately we were not able to record the Hands On Sessions this year, hence the pricing difference.  Our presenters spoke about everything from Automation, to virtualization, to Data Vault in the cloud.  We even discussed a true real-time case using Microsoft Azure, REDIS cache, and more.  These presentations are just as groundbreaking today as the day they were recorded.

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Conference Sessions

Speaker: Bill Inmon


Speaker: Roelant Vos, Allianz Global


Speakers: Michael Olschimke, Cirkel, Kerwitz


Speakers: Mary Mink, Sam Bendayan


Speaker: Dr. Peter Aiken


Speaker: Dale Anderson


Speaker: John Giles


Speaker: Dan Linstedt


Speaker: Peter Avenant, Varigence



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