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The Data Vault 2.0 Agile Implementation Cycle is a key piece and very often misunderstood.

Using and leveraging it correctly can make a difference between success and failure on your projects. Too many teams get stuck here, or do this incorrectly, causing all sorts of issues.

  • Discover how to do it right the first time, and leverage the parallelism and agility built into the methodology.
  • Intuitively understand the trap of ‘too much flexibility’ and how to build optimally to leverage it.
  • Discover the 7-Step system that makes an agile build cycle the easiest and most powerful aspect of the DV 2.0 methodology.
  • Know the things you must already have before you build to avoid pain/churn later on.
  • Receive a downloadable 1-page build cycle template that will serve you again and again. (We’ve only shared this with our high-paying advisory customers.)
  • Get access to each step in the build cycle with a fill-in-the-blank example you can use today, and then again and again and again.
  • Leverage parallelism in the build cycle and see how it works equally well in both small teams forced to work sequentially as well as in larger parallel team environments.

You may already know how the DV 2.0 Agile build cycle works. This session will remove any confusion you may have and give you total clarity in the process and how and what needs to be done when and why. You’ll also get access to 2 downloadable 1 page templates you can use and leverage right after the session.

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