Demo: Source Model Walkthrough

Lesson Purpose

This first lesson starts off by walking you through the BASELINE model that is included as a course download. You should have already installed PostgreSQL (or have access to it) and unzipped the files provided in the course download.

In this lesson Dan covers the source BASELINE model. The model will also be available in Snowflake, is part of the CDVP2 class, and is offered at no cost to CDVP2 registered students.

During this lesson, you will understand that the source model is designed to illustrate all of the possible objects that we typically encounter in a DV2 implementation.The data sets represent two different source systems to emphasize the importance of integration within the data sets. These systems are exemplified by Organization A and Organization B.

The download includes a set of generated, made up, data sets that will loaded to the model throughout the course. The data sets are not intended to be realistic, but only to illustrate the load processes used by the ELT scripts and views contained in the BASELINE file set.These fabricated data sets are intentionally designed with broken data embedded again, it’s about presenting the student with a real world experience.

You will want to pay attention to details like missing foreign key constraints in the source model. Note, these foreign keys are missing by design. The BASELINE model is a 3NF model that includes concepts around Country, Currency Rates, Organization, and Employee. Take some time to review the source model.