Create Source DB

Lesson Purpose

Dan will discuss the exact names of the schemas that must be created in the database in order for the BASELINE scripts to execute properly.Our VTCP participants must create these schemas exactly as Dan described or their tool will fail BASELINE validation testing.You will want to name the PostgreSQL database and the each of the schemas names to match the names in the walk-through or the SQL scripts included in the zip file.

Each student must create the following schemas in their PostgreSQL (or Snowflake) databases, keeping in mind that with PostgreSQL, case matters. Execute the SQL in file 00_create_schemas.ddl to create all of the required by the course. Note: the Meta_config* schema isfor VTCP participants only.

Dan explains how the scripts found in the downloadable zip file are organized through their naming conventions to follow an order of execution. When the zip file is extracted, all of the directories and scripts will reflect their order of execution within each directory and subdirectory.

Once Dan explains the nuances of the lesson, he steps through which DDL files to open, copy, and paste into your SQL tool to begin to build out the database starting with the source system model objects. The objects built include the foreign key constraints.

After the source system objects are built, Dan then walks through which DML files will be opened and executed to populate data into every one of the source system model objects as the lessons progress..


Folder/File: /20_DDL/00_create_schemas.ddl

Folder/File: /20_DDL/01_source.ddl

Folder/File: /40_control_data/01_Control_Data.sql