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Speaker: Dr. Peter Aiken


Speaker: Sam Williams

In this video we meet users, and hear from them about their efforts (both successes and challenges) with Data Vault.

A close look at some of the market driving questions and answers from a business perspective.  This is a talk, rather than a power point presentation.

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Speaker: Mary Mink, Chestnut Hill Technologies

The importance of data has grown exponentially over the past decade and with it the amount of data we are generating.    We have gone from utilizing data for daily operational reporting needs to a Digital Era requiring near real-time availability of information.  Hospitals depend on it to save lives; NASA uses it to enable space travel and we use it every day to guide us to find the best driving routes.

Utilizing extremely large volumes of data at high speeds is required to support the emerging technology needs which have become key drivers in our Data-Centric world.  These drivers include the following…

  • Mobile Application Analytics
  • Smart Meters
  • Sensors for Monitoring
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science (Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive) Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence and Data Visualizations
  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Our Technology has advanced so much providing us options for ways to ingest massive amounts of data at high speeds.  But what do you do with the data once you get it?  How do you make the data actionable in a near-real-time basis? How do you manage and govern it?

What you will learn:

In this session, you will learn why you need Data Vault 2.0 to help you handle the main data challenges in the Digital Era.   The following topics will be discussed.

Top 10 Data Challenges

  1. Data Ingestion of Big Data
  2. Data Integration of hybrid sources while providing a single version of the truth
  3. Data Latency and Timing including batch, event-driven and streaming
  4. Agility of adding new data sources
  5. Resilience to evolving business needs
  6. Scalability for volume growth and expansion of data
  7. Performance of both ingestion and consumption of data
  8. Quality and Governance of data
  9. Auditability for compliance
  10. Management and Support of the data processes

After this session, you will know what the main benefits of using Data Vault 2.0 are and how you can help your company to increase revenues, decrease costs, minimize risk and enhance customer experience thru utilization of data best practices.  You will have the approach to deliver the “Right data at the right time!”.

Slides for Download: Thursday-02-Why-Choose-DataVault

Speakers : Richard Jordan

For thirty years the data warehouse has remained a mysterious “behind the IT curtain” technology to the typical business unit manager. The business value of a traditional DW was hampered by two key factors: cost & complexity.

Even the most technology savvy business leaders shy away from building a DW because the payoff for developing one is over the horizon, and their primary focus in on the current quarter.

The advances offered by DV 2.0 present the opportunity for the payoff for implementation to begin to be realized in that same current quarter. To get there a business has to make two key choices: what data do they want to include and build vs. buy.

Download Slides: 12_BusinessOfDV

Speaker: Neil Strange

A causal loop analysis of organisational barriers to implementing a data vault (paralleling attempts to improve data management as a whole) – identifying critical points of leverage that can be used to reduce these barriers.

The point here is that often there are hidden feedback loops within the social structure of an organisation that resist new ideas. If you try to tackle the barriers head on the feedback loops strengthen and build resistance, the stronger you push the stronger they push back.

You have to find ways to weaken the feedback loop, often using simple and surprising left-field tactics, so that you increase the chances of success.

Download Slides: 18_ReducingBarriersToDV

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Speaker: Gregory Locke

This talk will cover the following topics:

  • Business Layer Stabilization
  • How to insulate your customers from the back-end load process and provide 24/7 access to an active vault.
  • In one vault, our business layer supports web services and direct reads from downstream systems. In another vault, the business layer supports operational reporting.
  • We chose to implement an active/standby copy of the business layer for the data distribution hub. One copy is online while the other is off-line during the vault update.
  • This same architecture supports operational reporting use-cases and will also support a data mart analytics use-cases.
  • How did we do this?
  • Process Scheduling and Monitoring
  • How to integrate operational scheduling into your load process.
  • Whether you need to create your own delta feeds or run a re-load, fine grained run-time controls make it easy to manage the process.
  • Full or partial re-loads.
  • Performance monitoring and the importance of job logs
  • Exploiting pattern based ingestion with re-usable components
  • Finding the patterns – Identifying re-usable components and when enough is enough.
  • Embed intelligent operational process controls – how to re-load, re-start or re-run without worries
  • How to design for failures –
  • Table driven parameter based run-time controls

What you will learn:

  • How to insulate your customers from the back-end load process and provide 24/7 access to an active vault.
  • How to integrate operational scheduling into your load process.
  • How to identify re-usable components and when enough is enough.
  • How to embed intelligent operational controls in the load process.

Slides for Download:Friday-01-Operational-Excellence

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