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Within our members area, you can effortlessly stay updated on the latest trends and developments. The data landscape is in constant evolution, and being part of a community grants you access to real-time information about emerging technologies, best practices, and evolving methodologies. This knowledge propels you ahead of the curve, empowering you to adapt your strategies to changing industry dynamics.

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Professional Membership

Unlock a world of unparalleled opportunities with our exclusive Professional Membership to the Data Vault Community. Elevate your expertise and propel your career to new heights with access to personalized coaching and dynamic question-and-answer sessions. Our seasoned experts will guide you through intricate data management concepts, ensuring your understanding is not just comprehensive but truly insightful. Gain a competitive edge by immersing yourself in our specialized training courses, meticulously designed to equip you with the latest skills demanded by the industry.

Our Professional Membership benefits cover:

  • Access a wealth of collective knowledge for learning and skill enhancement.
  • Engage in discussions with experts to gain insights into complex data management concepts.
  • Receive guidance on both introductory and advanced Data Vault techniques.
  • Foster cross-industry perspectives that inspire innovative problem-solving approaches.
  • Expand your professional network by connecting with like-minded practitioners.
  • Discover collaboration opportunities and potential partnerships with professionals from diverse sectors.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in data management.
  • Adapt your strategies to evolving industry dynamics with real-time information.
  • Seek guidance and validation for your ideas within a supportive and encouraging environment.
  • Develop a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie within a collaborative ecosystem.

As a Professional Member, you’re not just joining a community – you’re embracing a transformative journey where networking becomes second nature, staying ahead of trends is effortless, and your growth is our top priority. Elevate your potential, expand your horizons, and become a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of data management with our premium Professional Membership. Your success story begins here.

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Unlock the benefits of collective growth and accelerated learning through our Group Coaching Sessions, tailored exclusively for Professional Members. Experience the power of collaborative problem-solving as you engage with fellow professionals, guided by seasoned experts in the field. Ignite your insights, refine your strategies, and overcome challenges together in a supportive environment that thrives on shared experiences. From unraveling intricate complexities to sparking innovative breakthroughs, these sessions empower you with a diverse range of perspectives, ensuring you're always steps ahead in mastering the art of data management. Elevate your skills, forge valuable connections, and embark on a journey of continuous advancement with our transformative Group Coaching Sessions. Your success story is amplified when you learn as one, achieve as a team.

Practical Mastery Unleashed

Unleash your potential with hands-on exercises, a cornerstone of our Professional Membership. Dive into immersive learning that goes beyond theory, gaining practical experience that sets you apart. Grasp complex concepts through real-world application, honing skills that are in high demand. From mastering intricate techniques to fostering problem-solving prowess, these exercises empower you to excel in the dynamic realm of data management. Elevate your expertise, seize opportunities, and stand out in your field with our Professional Membership's hands-on exercises – where knowledge transforms into mastery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your membership at any time.  Your benefits will remain in place and available until the end of the membership period.  Once you cancel, you will no longer be billed.  Please note: cancellation requests must be sent 48 hours before the rebilling date.

This membership is meant to be an augmentation to your skills, allowing you to go at your own pace.  There are lots of self-guided e-learning materials for you to enjoy.  Go as fast or as slow as you want.

We collect payments via the 256-bit encryption payment provider Stripe.  Our website and your payment are secure, so no one steals your data!  We know how important this is!

The resources in our members area are here for you.  You can post on our forums at any time with your most pressing questions, or bring your questions to our live Q&A sessions.

A full course is usually two or more hours of content, and may span multiple topics.


A Micro Course is generally one hour or less of content, and is focused on a single topic.  This leads to bite-sized learning nuggets that are consumable quickly.

ATP stands for Authorized Training Partner.  You can find the list of Authorized Training Partners and their courses by clicking the link:

If you are enrolled in CDVP2 - then you are automatically granted access to the Starter Membership.   Your access to the CDVP2 materials is only for 180 days (6 months).   Your access to everything else in the Starter Membership is for one year.

In order to gain access to this platform, you must register for *and keep current* a minimum of a Starter Membership.

WWDVC stands for: World Wide Data Vault Consortium.  It is our yearly conference, it is packed with great materials and fantastic easy to use information.


You can find out more about upcoming Data Vault conferences on our official website:

These are the ANSI-SQL compliant code-sets that are downloadable, and included in the Hands-On courses that we offer.


Our SQL Code is 95% ANSI-SQL compliant and should work on multiple database platforms.   We are constantly adding new database platforms to include in our downloads.  Today we support PostGreSQL and Snowflake DB

Yes.  If you purchase our Professional Charter Membership, the price will stay as it is (even as we add content).  You must remain active, and renew before the subscription expires to retain that price.  Any lapse in subscription, and the Professional Charter Member pricing disappears forever.

That depends on our Authorized Training Partners.  They are licensed to train in CDVP2 and they set their own course prices for Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner.  We as DVA do not offer discounts to CDVP2 training courses no matter which membership you are engaged with.

Easy: Click the MENU option at the top of the page  "Find CDVP2 Courses"   here is the link:

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